Monday, February 24, 2014

NLN: Green Skinny Belt & New Scarf

In 2011, I went through a cardigan and skinny belt phase. I really was just about as must. have. one-in-every-color as it gets. (Except somehow I ended up without a green or yellow cardigan, or a blue skinny belt.) The last time I remember wearing this belt was last February, but I can't remember wearing it more than one or two other times in all the time I had it. [I hadn't included labels for skinny belts, but I've retroactively added them while writing this post.]

On an unrelated note, are you one to wear something the day after you buy it, or do you wait? Lately I've found myself waiting about a week or two. I'm not sure why I do that. Maybe to make sure the purchase was a good decision and that I really want the item? That's what I did with this scarf that I mentioned purchasing last week

When I came across this pin {original source unknown} this weekend, I knew it was the right time and perfect debut outfit for my new scarf. I was considering going with a more neutral belt, but I opted for the overly-neglected belt. It wasn't until after I took these pictures that I realized the belt is hardly noticeable. Oh well.

Scarf: The Limited [exact]
Cardigan: Merona via Target [same style]
Skinny Belt: The Limited [$7 option]
Pants: The Limited [option, option]
Wedges: Dexter via Payless [option]


  1. This outfit is fantastic! Love your new scarf. I generally can't wait and wear new purchases right away!

  2. I tried to pick out my favorite element from this outfit, but I couldn't do it. I like it all so much. The white cardigan buttoned up as a sweater looks so crisp. The colors in that scarf are so eye-catching. I think I have those pants? I love them on you. The color of those wedges? Perfect. I don't think I could like this outfit anymore than I already do.

  3. That scarf is SO pretty! I love how you've style it too with a coordinating belt.
    I am totally the type of person who wears an item the day after I buy it. I just get so excited about a new piece of clothing!

  4. I love the scarf! I used to belt things a lot more than I do now...but I don't know why.

    I'm funny with new purchases. Some, I wear right away, and others I "save" for a while. Not sure what the rhyme or reason is though.

    xo jackie

    Something About That

  5. Great scarf. So bright and cheery!

  6. I am still in love with this scarf. I am headed to The Limited tomorrow to return some things, I hope I won't be tempted to buy it. Most time, I try to wait a week of so before wearing something to make sure 100% I want to keep it. I have a bad habit of impulsive purchase and constantly make returns at stores.


  7. Love your new Spring Scarf. I too had/have an obsession with skinny belts and own a lot from The Limited. I'd love a Yellow, Red, Teal & Cobalt one. Skinny Belts go with a lot more than wider styles.

  8. I always wear the stuff right I buy it. There a few things I have waited to wear. Your scarf is super cute.

  9. Great purchase on the scarf! It's going to be so great for mixing and matching with all the colors. I love how you wore the white top to let the scarf be the main focus. Such a cute outfit!

  10. Adorable scarf! So many great colors that this could go with pretty much anything:)


  11. this just might be one of my favorites of yours! I love that scarf. I'd probably want to wear it every day.

  12. i feel like i could be a co-author on all of your posts lately because everything you write i think, "me too!" i have a whole rack of skinny belts in all colors of the rainbow that i really haven't touched at all lately yet they seemed absolutely necessary for a while to add to my accessory stash. i'll have to go through my archives and get some skinny belt inspiration, i guess!

  13. I love the scarf. Perfect for Spring! I always wait a week or two as well before I wear something. I'm the most indecisive person ever so I always make sure I actually like something before I rip off the tag and wear it.


  14. Kate, I couldn't love this any more! That scarf is so beautiful, and I love how you brought in another color with your skinny belt! I don't love how I look in skinny belts most of the time, but I'd love to start feeling more confident about wearing them. Perhaps this is just the inspiration I needed :)


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