Thursday, February 27, 2014

February Budget

I didn't do as well this month as I did in January, but four items are from my wishlist.

1. The Limited Colorful Illusion Scarf [seen here]: originally $33, on promotion for $17
2. Old Navy Classic Crew-Neck Sweater in Navy: originally $25, on sale for $12 [EDIT: RETURNED]
3. Old Navy Embellished Sweater in Light Heather Gray: originally $35, on sale for $9
4. Old Navy Classic Crew-Neck Sweater in Black: originally $25, on sale for $11
5. Old Navy Striped Hooded Pullover: originally $27, on sale for $16 [EDIT: RETURNED]
6. The Limited Belted Box Pleat Skirt: originally $60, on promotion for $30

= $67

The skirt was a splurge, but all winter long I've been frustrated with the fit of my pencil skirts. Skirts like this really are a smarter option for me and my closet. I purchased it when everything in the store was 50% off. I've been holding off from wearing it because I want to make sure that I have enough different ways to wear it.

The scarf is definitely my favorite purchase of the month, and I'm using it to gauge the rest of the purchases. If I don't get half as giddy about the Old Navy purchases as I did for the scarf, they are going back. (I'm already giddy about the hooded pullover, even though it's definitely not something I need.)

How did you do? What were your favorite purchases this month?

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  1. You got black and navy sweaters! YAY! I never know how to measure excitement level for those sort of boring items that will be worn a lot. I'm pretty sure I wasn't all that excited when I bought my navy sweater, but I wear it all the time. Basically, I'm being a bad influence and saying you should keep the sweaters!

  2. Ooooooh I really like all of these! I can't wait to see how you style the skirt.

  3. The scarf was such a great purchase - the colors in it are just so pretty.


  4. When you get it, I'm curious if the striped sweatshirt fits true to size. I have it on my wishlist...even though it's not something I need either, lol.

  5. I've been re-thinking my skirt silhouettes too. I've always been drawn to pencil skirts, but I am slowly realizing that the fuller skirts are more flattering on my figure.
    All great buys!

  6. I can see why you got that scarf! The colors are just gorgeous! And I agree with what Andi said about your sweaters. Things like those are boring to buy, but get worn a lot! I like your gray sweater with the polka dots, too. Hope they work out for you!

  7. Great buys. Hope you don't return anything from Old Navy, though if you have another black crew-neck sweater, return it since it's identical to the navy one. I love the scarf, so colorful and pretty for Spring. But the Skirt is my favorite. Don't neglect it much longer. It is so elegant and classic - I can style it many ways. Beautiful!

    1. Thanks, Ada! I actually don't have a black or navy crewneck sweater-- or even v-neck sweaters. I probably should have included that in the post. I've frequently used my black cardigan as a black sweater by buttoning it up, which makes me think a black sweater would be a good buy.

  8. I really like the fit of that skirt as an alternative to pencil skirts. I love the way pencil skirts look, but they definitely drive me crazy when I'm sitting in one all day. I'm excited to see you wear it!

  9. I really like the skirt and it looks like you got a great deal on it. Can't wait to see how you like the striped pull over. It is really cute and will be perfect! I think it would be fun to pair it under a blazer, pair with jeans, and some fun sneakers for a weekend look!

  10. I want to know how the skirt works out. I need to live vicariously through you since I loved that skirt so much in the store. Why must you live so far away? We could totally borrow each other's clothes! :)

  11. I love the hooded pullover. It'll be good for those days where you don't want to put in any effort and just want to be comfy, because it's a *chic* looking hoodie. I need it.

    **I couldn't think of a better word than chic, but you know what I mean haha

  12. I love gray and sequins, so the Old Navy Sweater is my favorite item that you got! I just added it to my March wishlist (because 2 gray sequined sweaters aren't enough, right? Right?!)

  13. That print on the scarf is AMAZING! I can see why it's your favorite!

    dash dot dotty

  14. I really like the pieces you got this month, Kate! That scarf really is gorgeous, and I can picture you wearing it 100 different ways! :) That striped hoodie is fantastic, too. I always forget that I don't always have to look like a million bucks when I'm relaxing at home, and I don't own all that much loungewear (just some leggings, yoga pants, and a few college tees and hoodies). This pullover is great for when you want to relax and be cozy but don't have any need to be super dressed up! I also loooove that gray skirt! I'm on the hunt for more A-line skirts...and this one looks perfect!


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