Monday, January 20, 2014

My Favorite Thirteen of 2013

Did you know that I like making lists? To-Do lists are my favorites, but favorite lists are up there, too. Here are (in no particular order) my favorite thirteen items I bought in 2013. [The idea for this list comes courtesy of Good Life.]

bear dress (via Anthropologie)
A dress with bears on it. Could you imagine anything more perfect for me? This is definitely my favorite purchase of 2013.

denim jacket (via Target)
I spent a couple months looking for the perfect denim jacket and ended up picking this one. While I'm not sure a denim jacket is a "must have", it was a good choice, and I'd recommend it to anyone.

floral dress (via Gap)
I originally went to Gap to look for this print in the shorts version, but when I saw this dress cost just as much as the shorts, I gave it a shot, and fell in love immediately.

giraffe sweater (via Banana Republic)
I love animals. And I loved seeing them on sweaters this year. Unfortunately, I didn't really like the ones I had seen, until this one came along. Giraffes are actually one of my top five favorite animals!

black vest (via Old Navy)
While this is just a plain and simple black vest, it has gotten a lot of wear already. I love the way it adds a little something extra to any outfit, and that I can just pop it on over a sweater or button up shirt.

herringbone vest (via J. Crew Factory)
While it's only made two appearances on the blog so far, I spent most of winter break in this vest (and this sweater). I've never been a fan of cold weather, but this vest helps me make it to spring.

red-orange coat (via The Limited)
I don't typically post photos of my coats, but I had to with this one because I paid less than $10 for it. I can't decide whether it's the price or it's being a go-to that makes it a favorite. Either way, it's a favorite!

neutral blazer (via The Limited)
Admittedly this was an impulse purchase, but it was definitely the best impulse purchase of 2013. It's stretchy and soft, and it is so versatile!

exact stretch pants (via The Limited)
I bought my first pair of Exact Stretch pants in 2011 for teaching. I recommend these for work, but they even work for casual wear. The constant wear (and a great sale) prompted me to pick up another pair.

striped skirt (via Old Navy)
While it may be a simple striped skirt, it can be paired in so many ways. The stretch just makes it that much better. If you don't already have a striped skirt, I think you should consider getting one!

 neon coral tee (via Gap)
Would you believe me if I told you I lived in this tee this summer? I originally bought it to qualify for free shipping, and when it arrived, I thought the color was ridiculous. Then I loved it. And wore it all summer.

black maxi skirt (via H&M)
When I wasn't wearing my neon coral tee this summer (see above), I was probably wearing my black maxi skirt. This was my go-to for running errands in the summer, paired with a tank or tee.

hi-lo dress (via The Limited)
I tried this dress on for fun when I saw it in the store, and I actually loved it. It made me feel amazing. I think when that happens, you have to buy it. And that's what I did.

I think my favorites can be summed up in three words: comfortable, versatile, and/or loooove it. Putting this post together gave me an opportunity to reflect on all of my 2013 purchases and recognize where I went wrong, but also take pride for where I went right. I can only hope that all the clothes I buy in 2014 will be contenders for the "favorites of '14" list! What items were your favorite purchases of last year?


  1. What a great idea for a post! I bet it was nice to look back at your purchases. You can definitely see why these were favorites!

  2. There is something about that striped skirt outfit that I just LOVE. You can rock a pencil skirt like no other. I also really like those sandals with the hi-lo dress. Do they have anchors on them?

  3. All of your choices look so great on you! That bear dress is just adorable!

  4. I agree with all of your favorites - they really encompass your style so well! Plus you just look happy wearing them, which you know means they were good ones!

  5. I think we were totally on the same page today! And welcome back :)

    I love the bear dress, because I feel like it is just ridiculously perfect for you. My second fave is the herringbone vest because it is so pretty. I'm not surprised you've been wearing it all winter!

  6. These are some great items that will last you for years to come! I love that jacket and can't believe you bought it for $10!!


  7. Love all of these pieces! Really enjoyed looking through your favorites and why you like them. Great post!

  8. I really really love your animal pieces :) And the vests...I really wish I had gotten a good vest in 2013!

    Bri @ Work Clothes, I Suppose

  9. This post was fantastic, Kate! I bet it was fun for you to think back on all your purchases for the year and see which ones have become your favorites! I agree with so many of these pieces - I got my first denim jacket in YEARS this past year, and I loved having it as well. It's a great way to complete an outfit. I'm also really in love with your neutral blazer and the outfit that you showed here with it. So chic and simple, but so pretty!

  10. Welcome Back Kate. I stopped by your blog to see if there were any new posts and Bam-Wham here you are. Loved all these Favorite 13 Purchased from 2013. My absolute Favorites are the Bear Dress, Hi-Lo Navy Dress, Herringbone Vest & Red Coat. =)


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