Friday, January 24, 2014

black, white, cobalt

Any time I see Andi wear her striped skirt (like yesterday), I think to myself, "I really should wear my striped skirt more often." And that's exactly what I did today. I put together a few outfits last night revolving around this skirt, and only decided on this top and blazer this morning. There's just something about cobalt, black, and white that screamed "Friday" to me. Or maybe that was just my subconscious screaming "FRIDAY!!!" It's hard to tell sometimes.

Top: The Limited (c/o Mom) [last seen here]
Blazer: Forever 21 [similar]
Belt: The Limited [option]
Skirt: Old Navy [similarsimilar, similar, option]
Tights: via Target [exact]
Wedges: via Target [option]


  1. Oooh, I LOVE this outfit, Kate! You look so put together in it, and cobalt/black/white is a favorite color combination of mine :) I love how the ruffles of your blouse and the blazer look together :)

  2. I am also a BIG fan of this color combination--in fact, I wore a black and white polka dot cardigan with cobalt pants today :) I really love this outfit--that ruffle blouse is so cute and adds some extra interest to the look.

  3. Haha, you crack me up. I just love this skirt on you. Cobalt, white, and black? ALWAYS a winning combination. Momma dukes has good taste :)

  4. LOVE love love this outfit, Kate! I love cobalt blue/black/white color combination. I need to find a cute striped skirt like yours!

  5. Cobalt blue is one of my favorite colors to wear. And you can never go wrong with a striped skirt. Great outfit! Enjoy your weekend.


  6. Cobalt, black and white is always a good combination. I do the same thing every time I see Andi wearing her skirt too! I actually then planned to wear my striped skirt yesterday but, well, we haven't had our January fire drill yet and it was going to be in the single digits and windy. I figured I didn't want to chance being outside in that with a skirt on. So I'll be saving it until after we have the fire drill.

  7. YAY! thanks for the shout-out! I love this skirt and wear it all the time. It looks great with your cobalt top!

  8. I too am on the loving wagon for Black, White + Cobalt. Two other Combos I love are Black, White + Red and Black, White + Yellow or Mustard, like I am wearing today. I recognized that top from The Limited, since I own the Black+White Striped version. I, too, had not worn my Black+White Pencil Skirt in ages. It will be on the blog this Thursday.

    Stop by to see what's new with us. Happy Monday and nice catching up. Ada. =)

  9. I love this outfit on you. The pop of color that comes from your cobolt blue top is beautiful! Way to rock some winter fashion! :)


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