Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pass It On :: Tan Sweater

I ordered this vest a couple weeks ago when Old Navy sent me a 40% off e-coupon. And then I wore it to the grocery store that night. And then out to dinner a few nights later. And then the mall a few days later. Even though it's not that warm, I still love it as an additional layer and to make a jeans and sweater outfit less boring. 

I think everyone else in the mall had the same idea, because I must have counted at least twenty other people wearing vests. Is this just one of those times when you don't notice something until you start to look for it? I never noticed how many Toyota Rav4's there are out there until my husband and I randomly took one for a test spin a couple of years ago. Now I see them everywhere.

[This outfit was inspired by this pin (created by southernbelle).]

Sweater: Zara [option]
Shirt: The Limited [option, option]
Vest: Old Navy [exact]
Jeans: Charlotte Russe
Flats: via Payless [option]

Yes, these jeans are too long for me (as seen here), and so I rolled them up. 
It really takes me back. I had a major jean rolling phase.


TOPIO: tan sweater


  1. Cute outfit! I'm all about vests this year!

  2. Ooh I love it! I have this same vest and I've been throwing it over everything!

  3. i love love love the layering going on here :)

  4. I would never have known that you passed that sweater on to the next day because you dressed it up in such different ways! I was actually thinking about wearing my black vest tomorrow, and your post is providing further inspiration. However, my co-teacher labeled tomorrow "cable knit Thursday," so a cable knit I shall wear. I might swelter in a cable knit and vest. Oh, and vests are the perfect "I am too lazy for a coat" layer.

  5. I love a good versatile sweater - it looks great with your layers here!

    Jess - J's Style

  6. I am a huge fan of rolling up my jeans. It's probably has something to do with not getting the hem dirty. I've always hated wearing jeans/pants for that reason. Love your vest! I picked up one at ON about a month ago and have only worn it once since it's just too hot here.

    Can't wait to see what you are passing on next!


  7. OK, I love your throwback photo! And your outfit is pretty cute, too. I've never been a vest person, but I have been seeing them everywhere lately! I like how yours isn't so puffy.

  8. Ha! I think I have that same pin lurking on one of my boards out there. I really love the way your look came together--the sweater, shirt, and vest make a great combination!

  9. Nice sweater! I like the first outfit better but I think thats because I am completly in love with the awesome pants you are wearing there :)
    Have a wonderful day!

  10. This is very cute! Vests seem to be all the rage right now. I am on the look out for either a navy blue or black one. But only after my no shopping November challenge!

  11. i looooove this! i like that your vest isn't as puffy as some puffer vests i've seen and that it matches the color of your striped button-down... am i crazy, who even knows. it looks like it all came together really well! i may need to check out this vest at old navy now!

  12. Cute! I love all the layering.

  13. I love your pants from yesterday, and I seriously love your vest. I JUST bought a vest that I wear all the time, and I have one I bought about a year ago that I've barely worn at all. apparently it depends on the vest. I really love how yours has that quilted look, it's a fun texture to add in.

    Sam ipsa Loquitur

  14. I love both ways you styled this Sweater and that you brought this Challenge back. I had fun doing it last year, along you. =)

  15. I love the layering you have going on here! I used to have a black vest like yours, and I totally regret getting rid of it a few years back. I am seeing them all over the place now!


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