Sunday, November 24, 2013

Pass It On :: Gingham Shirt

You know life is hectic when it takes two days to post an outfit. I wore this outfit on Friday. (Sorry for the terrible photo quality.) I've had a military jacket on my wishlist for this entire year, and I almost bought this one from Old Navy, but just couldn't.. probably because I already have a safari jacket. Yeah, the jackets have their significant differences, but the thing is, any way I would wear one jacket, I could probably wear the other one in that same way. Take this outfit, for example. I was inspired by this pin, and thought "If only I actually had a military jacket..." But I stopped myself when I realized I could make it work with my safari jacket. How have you made things work lately?

Gingham Shirt: Old Navy [similar]
Safari Jacket: The Limited [option]
Necklace: gift (via Amazon) [same]
Exact Stretch Pants: The Limited [exact]
Boots: Candie's via Kohl's [exact]

TOPIO: gingham shirt


  1. love it!!
    xo Jessica

  2. Definitely! I think this jacket works exactly as a military jacket would, no need for another =)

  3. This totally works! I really like that Old Navy jacket, too (bad influence, here!). I like that it comes in gray, because I already have a camo/green jacket, so I haven't been as tempted by the olive green jackets that are so popular.

  4. This is a great outfit! I love all the layers and I think your jacket looks great with it all!

  5. I really love your safari jacket! It looks great with the gingham. I found an olive green jacket on eBay that I've used as a stand-in for a military jacket, but I am continually tempted by that same one you mentioned from Old Navy...

  6. This outfit is adorable, Kate! I love it - I've had a military style jacket on my list for a long time, as well. Haven't found "the one" yet, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed I find one at the thrift store soon :)

  7. Great jo on stopping yourself and making this work! Looks great!


  8. I totally agree, they work the same. I, on the other hand have several different style Olive Green Jackets: Military-Safarish and a couple of Sweatshirt material ones, one like a Blazer with a dettachable hoodie and another with Military-style Double Buttons. I even added a Faux Leather Motorcycle one that I am wearing today (come take a peek). I seriously need/want a Vest though, like the one you have, not willing to pay more than 25 bucks for it though. =P

    I love this Outfit as a whole and how it is layered. The Shirt & Necklace add so much color. =)


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