Thursday, November 7, 2013

Pass It On :: Black Vest

Dear Pinterest,
I'm really disappointed with you. I was hoping to find some kind of inspiration for wearing this black vest since you did such a good job yesterday. Unfortunately, all you have to offer me is black vests and stripes, or black vests and plaid. Not cool.

How do you wear puffer vests? Do you stick with layering it over solid colored sweaters, stripes, and/or plaid? Or do you like to mix it up, like I did with the polka dots?

Chambray Shirt: Old Navy [*similar]
*save 15% w/code ONSAVENOW
Polka Dot Cardigan: Old Navy [option]
Black Vest: Old Navy [exact, spend, splurge]
Pashmina: gift from Serbia (?) [similar]
Exact Stretch Pants: The Limited [same style]
Boots: Candie's via Kohl's [exact]

TOPIO: black vest


  1. Love pink scarves so much, looks great on you ;))

  2. I like the layers! And are your pants bootcut, like the link you have posted? Does it work okay to tuck them into your boots?

  3. Oooh I really like the black vest with your black pants. I sorta just wear my vests with anything. Button-downs, sweaters, solids, prints, whatever. I mean it's a solid black vest, so it goes with anything right?

  4. In the past, I think I've stuck to gingham button ups as the layering piece with a puffer vest, but I LOVE the idea of polka dots! The pink scarf is the perfect finishing touch!

  5. I think you did a great job and no pinterest needed :) Love that you have layers and yet not added bulk.


  6. I love the polka dots with the vest!

  7. Seeing this makes me want a thinner puffer vest for more layering options! Mine is quite puffy and limited to a couple months of outdoor wear before the snow flies and it gets too cold! I love your looks! Glad to connect through the TOPIO challenge!

  8. Kate, I LOVE how you styled this! In the past three weeks, I've found 4 (!!!) awesome puffer vests at the thrift store (for like $4 apiece...) and I'm so excited to wear them in a million different ways. One of the vests I found is quilted and a little thinner, like the one you're wearing here, and I really like how you styled it with the polka dots and chambray (and that scarf! Love it!). I pretty much will wear my vests with anything - sweaters, button ups, solid long-sleeve tees (which I have a grand total of 0 in my closet right now...I KNOW), dresses, etc. I love how they just bring another element and layer into an outfit!


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