Friday, November 15, 2013

Pass It On :: Black Cardigan

I wanted to keep up with Take One, Pass It On even though I was sick yesterday. I also had to get some leopard in my outfit so I could link up with Andi and Brynn for Leopard Print week. 

Recently, I went to Gap to return these pants I had ordered online. (They were such a disappointment; I could barely even get them over my ankle! Ultra skinny = ultra skinny.) As I was walking away from the counter, a pair of flats in the sale section caught my eye. They looked exactly like the pair I had ordered a few months ago (but returned because they were in terrible condition, as if they had already been worn for a year). In pristine condition (and at $13) I decided to give them another shot. 

It wasn't until this morning when I was on my way out the door that I realized the flats aren't red. They're sweet cranberry. So can we just pretend that the mismatch between the belt and flats isn't noticeable? Otherwise I'm going to go crazy looking for a cranberry belt.

Cardigan: Merona via Target [same style]
Scarf: The Limited [savesave more]
Belt: The Limited [*option]
*30% off w/code BIGSALE
Pants: Apt. 9 via Kohl's [option]
Flats: Gap [exact]

TOPIO: black cardigan


  1. I think your outfit is what I was trying to go for this morning and failed like a big, fat...failure.

    Also, even after your saying that the shoes and belt are a different color, I still don't see it. They look identical to me, and I'd like to think I have a discerning eye. (Well, two of them, in fact.)

    These pants fit you awesomely, by the way. I love me some Kohl's.

  2. Love the flats!! The mismatch between the belt and flats is totally one of those things that I'm sure only you noticed. You look great, and I love the combination of leopard, black, and hints of red/cranberry :)

  3. I think they are far enough apart that the difference isn't noticeably bothersome. I suspect I wouldn't have noticed at all if you didn't mention it. Sorry you were sick and hope you are feeling better. Thanks for linking up!

  4. I haven't been too pleased with Gaps pants lately is all over the place! Love the black, red, and leopard together Kate! Have a great weekend and feel better girl! :)

  5. Yeah I didn't notice the difference between the belt and shoes either! I pinned this outfit because I bought a red belt over the summer thinking about HOW MUCH I'd wear it and I haven't worn it once, womp womp. I'm also usually scared to button my cardigans up the whole way (I have no idea why) so I think this will inspire me to try some new things!

  6. Red or not, I reaaaaallly love the flats. I'm trying to get into flats more, they're so comfortable and stylish, and I'm really trying to accept that I am only 5'6" (on a good day) and can't keep pretending I'm 5'11 all the time. I mean, I say this, but I will probably keep wearing my heels. But I will try to find flats that I like. These ones you've got on piqued my interest so I mean... there's a start. :)

  7. Ooh, this is a great outfit, Kate! I love how polished it is, but fun with the pops of red (the shoes and belt look fine together!) and the leopard! Thank you for linking up with Andi and I for Leopard Week :) I hope you are feeling better now. Too much junk is going around!! :(

  8. Ooh I was just thinking that I need new red flats to replace mine that are falling apart. You got yours for such a steal! I love this look, especially the leopard scarf!

  9. I love the Cranberry Color even more. This Outfit is 'safe' but still fashionable. I want a Leopard Infinity Scarf.


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