Tuesday, September 10, 2013


My mom gave me this skirt back in December, and this is my first time to wear it. It took so long to do so because I wasn't sure whether I liked it or not. I love pretty much anything in navy, but the skirt itself seemed to be outdated. I feel like there was a time when it was really popular to have buttons down the front of the skirt, but now you rarely see it. Is that because it's out of style, or that it's just not the latest rage?

Do you have any pieces that you feel are outdated? Do you continue to wear them, or are you holding off in hopes that the trend resurfaces one day?

(My husband told me I should put the above photo on the blog. Under most circumstances, I wouldn't. 
He did, however, take my pictures today; this is my way of thanking him.)

Occasion: Office hours, attending class
Top: The Limited {option, option}
Necklace: The Limited {option, option}
Skirt: Tommy Hilfiger via Macy's (c/o Mom) {option}
Sandals: Merona via Target {very similar}

The other reason it took so long to wear was because I had a fear that the buttons down the front would open up and expose... me. I decided to take the same approach I did with shorts earlier this summer, so I bit the bullet and wore the skirt. Guess what? None of the buttons came undone! 


  1. I think the color combination is great, and I love the buttons. It gives the skirt some personality without being in the least bit tacky. It's also the perfect length!

  2. I have one skirt with buttons down the front that I bought at Gap last year. I really like it, but the buttons are brown, so I feel like I can't wear it with black things! I had also been nervous about the buttons popping off, but then I realized that it was actually sewn shut, and just the top 3 buttons actually functioned for putting it on.

  3. I really like this skirt! The color goes well with your top. I think the buttons are nice detail, and they are a similar color to the skirt so they don't stand out too much.

  4. I really like this skirt! The color goes well with your top. I think the buttons are nice detail, and they are a similar color to the skirt so they don't stand out too much.

  5. I don't think the skirt is outdated but I agree that I don't see it right now in the stores. Sometimes, I crave to wear things that are not popular. I like the color combo! I have the similar fear with button skirt, I think that it will create a gap at the opening and expose too much.


  6. I love the skirt! Honestly now with the fast turnover of displays in stores and so many styles, it's hard to find something that is truly " out of date".

  7. I think the shirt is super super cute! I love the color and everything :)
    Have a wonderful day!


  8. First, I adore the photo your husband wanted you to put up. It shows a little behind the scenes action :) Second, I really like this color combo and I don't think the skirt looks outdated at all.

    It's nice to have things that are unique and not what everyone has. My floral cropped pants are at least 10-12 years old and anytime I wear them, I get tons of questions about where I got them, etc.

  9. beautiful skirt and a great outfit :*


  10. I definitely don't think the skirt is out of style - paired with the right thing it is definitely wearable! I love that you posted this pic for your husband - I'm sure he appreciated the thank you :)

  11. You are wrong about the Skirt. Definitely not out of style. Front buttons are perfect and play with both Nautical & Military trends. I have a similar Khaki Skirt. Plus Navy pairs so well with Coral - the same colors I am wearing today. I also saw another blogger rocking these colors, today.

  12. i like it, kate! i think the color and cut helps it remain versatile. but what an interesting question, if we wear anything that we feel is outdated... that's an interesting thought to compare to the idea of wearing things that are no longer a "trend" as i think the two terms mean something quite different. your posts always get me thinking, i love it (but i couldn't really think if i have anything in my closet that i would consider outdated... i'm sure there is, though!).

  13. I know this is an old post but I realized I didn't comment on it yet (I star things in my reader when I'm on my phone and then wait until I get to a computer to actually comment) but ever since I read this post I've been worried that all my button front skirts are outdated now. ARE THEY? I have no idea, but I didn't realize until now that I haven't seen any in stores recently so maybe you're right :(


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