Saturday, July 27, 2013

which shoes to choose?

I have a gift card for DSW and am trying to figure out how to spend it. I originally planned to invest in a great pair of black flats, but I have not had any luck finding what I want. Recently, I ordered these heels [shown below, right] in "pink" (purple).  In the mean time, I stopped by DSW to return a pair of no-go black flats. My friend wanted to spend some time looking at the clearance shoes, so I joined her. And then I found these heels [below, left]. I was on the fence about them because of the gold heel. Is that tacky? Does it look cheap? 

I would really love your opinion on the matter. Do you like either pair? Do you like one more than the other?

And just for fun, my friend had me try these heels on [below]. I thought they were absurd, but after about two minutes (which is how long it took to find a full length mirror and discover how ridiculously awesome they make my calves look), I was sold. Realistically though, they are probably going back... unless they shouldn't go back?

*All heels in this post were under $20.


  1. Okay well they are all pretty fabulous! I don't think the gold heel is tacky, metallic accents are very "in" right now. Did you apply the B.A.S.E points? I think if you like them and you know you'll wear them you should get them! And for choosing between the 2 pink/purple pair, maybe just go with the more comfortable pair?

  2. I kind of love the gold - it's very Kate Spade!

  3. i love the magenta color of both of those heels, i'd probably go for the pair on the right without the gold heel but that's just me. the bottom pair is pretty fantastic too. i have a DSW right down the road from me, it sounds like i need to pop in there soon... you never know what you'll find in the clearance section!

  4. I like the gold heel! I also love the black ones!

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  5. well, I sort of love the black/gray ones! As far as the pink/magenta options, I prefer the one without the gold heel, just because I think it would go with more, but the gold is a fun accent, too! I'm so helpful!

  6. For under twenty bucks I would buy a pair of each. Especially keep the ones with Gold heels (metallic is really in now) & the black pair. I hope you didn't return them.


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