Tuesday, July 30, 2013

getting away with greasy hair

Maxi Dress: Forever 21 {option, option}
Fedora: (c/o Mom) Target {exact}
Sandals: Mix No. 6 via DSW {exact}

There must be something about the water at the indoor pool, because lately it has been leaving me with incredibly greasy hair. I wash my hair there, and after a few hours, my hair looks like it hasn't been washed in days. My go-to for times like these is either dry shampoo or a black headband, but thanks to my mother, now I have a new alternative: my fedora.

I wore this outfit when my husband and I went shopping for closet organizers. I felt much better in this outfit than I would have in just shorts and a tee (and a headband). I rarely feel confident when I have greasy hair, so I was incredibly delighted with what this hat did for me. Tossing on a hat is so effortless, and it really does go with almost any summer outfit. Can you pull off looking stylish with greasy hair? If so, what's your secret?!


  1. So cute Kate! I love this hat and am so jealous. My head is so big that fedoras never fit me, ha ha! My cure for greasy hair is a head scarf tied like a headband and then a ponytail.

  2. Great dress!! And I wouldn't have known you were having any hair problems, ah the power of a hat.

  3. Love fedoras! That hat look great on you!
    I have the opposite problem when I get out of the pool! My hair looks extremely dry and over processed. Sometimes it turns green!



  4. The fedora looks so good on you and I love the sheerness of this maxi. I've tried wearing fedoras at the store so many times but it never feels right of me. I am more of a floppy hat kid of gal. I started not washing my hair daily for a couple of months and dry shampoo has been my best friend.


  5. I canNOT pull off greasy hair with such a short hairstyle! And I look really dumb in hats, so that doesn't work either. I'm an every day showerer, and my hair takes about 5 minutes to dry and style, so it's not that big of a deal. Even when I had long hair, I tended to shower every morning, but at that point, I had no idea that dry shampoo even existed. I think you look darling in that hat - and omg that dress looks COMFY.


  6. Haha, I love the hat for hiding greasy hair! I need to pick one up, but I'm afraid i couldn't pull off a fedora as well as you do!

    Style Diary

  7. You look so cool & it still looks 100% like Kate. Love the Maxi & Fedora together. I got to try that.

  8. you look so cute in that hat!


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