Monday, May 6, 2013

Repeat Success is not Guaranteed

I wore this outfit last year and decided to wear it again today. This was one of my favorite looks of spring 2012, so I assumed that it would be an effortless hit again. While it is fine, I highly doubt this will be one of my best looks of 2013. I also doubt that I'll wear this exact outfit in 2014.

Occasion: Attending lecture
Lace tank: The Limited {option, option}
Cardigan: The Limited {option}
Crops: The Limited {similar}
Flats: Heaven by Steve Madden via DSW {exact}

This reminds me of one time when I made my husband the most amazing dinner ever. I marinated steak in lime and cilantro, cooked the steak to perfection, and served it with baked onion and squash. It was so good. I tried to make the same meal again a month later, and it was... meh. 

I guess the lesson of the day is that just because something works once doesn't mean it's going to work again. Have you ever had a similar experience? 


  1. I really like this outfit! But I know what you mean, I've definitely had that experience with clothes and I HATE when it happens with food, too!

  2. I've absolutely had that happen before. I think I build things up too much and then it doesn't meet my expectations so I wind up getting disappointed. It's happened with food, outfits, movies, etc. Those jeans are absolutely perfect, though!!

  3. I love these crops and the color of your cardigan. The blue is a great color on you! It happens to me all the time when I build something up in my head and then it doesn't turn out the way it was supposed to. I can definitely relate to the steak story. We marinated our steaks, cooked them on the grill and it was the best steak I ever had. Never been able to replicate it since! Heather

  4. This outfit is so pretty! And super flattering. The color of that cardigan is amazing. And honestly, every time I create a new outfit that I love, I usually will just love it for that day, or the first half of that day, or for a week, tops. And then I'm like ugh, why did I wear that? Half the outfits I've featured on my blog, I've never worn again. More than half of them. It's just like, I get it out of my system and then get ultra bored with it. Meh!

  5. This outfit looks good to me. As i reflect in the outfits that I've posted, I sometimes wonder "what was I thinking?" moments. That is also so true with food - it never comes out the same.


  6. Hey you look cute!! Love that blue color on you, def. your color!! :)

  7. Frankly, I think this outfit is adorable, and I like it better than the other. Your rolled up jeans, flats, and that pretty sweater all go really well together.


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