Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New Green Shirt and Shopping Advice

I've filled another hole in my closet! At the beginning of the new year, I created a wishlist. This green top was one of the first things on my list. I've been wanting an olive green shirt for so long. (Honestly it was probably this pin and this pin that initiated the hunt.) Once I came up with three ways to wear it, I knew that it would be a good purchase. [Today's look was inspired by Audrey at Putting Me Together. She tied up the same shirt with a striped maxi skirt in this outfit.]

Occasion: Office Hours
Button-Front Crepe Blouse: Old Navy {exact}
Striped Sweeper Skirt: The Limited {similar}
Flats: Heaven by Steve Madden via DSW {exact}

The idea of a wishlist has kept my shopping focused and has prevented excess purchasing. I have allowed myself to buy things that are not on my wishlist, but I've also put more thought into all of my purchases. I missed out on this cross body bag from Target last fall, so I put it on my wishlist. Unfortunately, it has yet to hit shelves/internet again. However, a couple months ago, I found an awesome substitute. After waiting to get a coupon and use it with the right promotion, I finally bought it for $20.

Today's blog every day in May topic is "a piece of advice". (Let's just pretend I've been participating for the past week.) My advice for you today is to make a shopping list
- Figure out what it is you want, down to specific details
Oh, you say you want a blue skirt? Cobalt or baby blue? Pencil or a-line? Are pockets a must? Mini or knee-length? 
- Then begin your hunt.  
A word of warning: it may take months to find the item. I made my wish list in January and since then have only checked off a few items from the list. 
- If and when you do find the item, determine your price point. 
I suggest to try to find a coupon, and/or wait for a promotion. This may depend entirely on how much you want the item. I wasn't ready to spend more than $25 for the purse, so if it happened to sell out, I would learn to deal. When I ordered the green shirt, I originally ordered the wrong size, and by the time I received it, the size I needed was sold out online. When they finally were back in stock, I bought it right away.

I admit that I enjoy the hunt. I like being able to weigh my options. It also makes the purchase so much more worth it in the end. After all, isn't it our basic human instinct to appreciate the things we worked for more than the things that just fell in our laps?


  1. Great advice! I also have a wishlist that I have been slowly checking off since November of last year. It really does help keep you focused if you have something to go off of as a guide. After searching for a pair of nude heels with all kinds of criteria that I had, I finally found a pair at KMart of all places!

    This green shirt is really great and I love it tied and paired with the maxi dress. Heather

  2. Great idea if I just have the self control!! I gave myself a monthly shopping budget and let's just say that I am into Sept's spend. I've really thought through my purchases and put down a lot of things I would have bought impulsively. For me Target & any clearance racks are way too dangerous! My biggest downfall - I can't pass a good deal up.


  3. Absolutely agree! Having a list keeps me focused and also helps me decide what my price point is for certain things. If it's been on the list for awhile and I haven't found it, I'll probably be willing to scoop it up at a non-sale price when I find it.

  4. I totally agree with you about having a shopping list. I think it has really helped me decide what I want to add to my closet and what would work best with the pieces I already have. Plus, it's super fun to cross things off my wishlist when I purchase them! (just me? okay...) That top is perfect! Olive is a fantastic color for you, Kate.

  5. This is probably my favorite outfit of yours- love it!

    Xo, Amanda

  6. Love the striped maxi, and the green shirt is going to be super versatile. I admit I'm more of an impulse shopper, but I want to stick more to a list. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Great advice. I have a similar mindset, but I always get tempted by cute things that I'm not looking for ;)

    I really love this outfit, and it's totally flattering on you! I will have to try out the look next!


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