Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Navy Sweater, Pink Crops

It's the busiest time of the semester for me. I'm almost done, but I have little energy to do much more than work on term papers. If it weren't for Pinterest, I probably end up the same pair of jeans with a t-shirt for the remainder of the semester. Thank goodness I have someone else to do my thinking for me! In this case/outfit, that someone is Kendi.

Occasion: attending class
Sweater: Old Navy
Chambray: Old Navy {similar}
Necklace: The Limited {option}
Crops: LOFT (c/o Mom) {option}
Flats: Heaven by Steve Madden via DSW{exact}

Have I told you about this sweater? [Read the backstory here] So yeah, sometimes I shop in the men's section. Today I shopped in the women's section.

I almost came home with a pair of white (non-skinny) pants from Target, but gave them up. I found them on the 70% off rack, so I grabbed a few sizes to give them a shot. As I was checking out the 50% off rack, I heard a woman's voice, "Ma'am? Excuse me, ma'am?" (Should I be offended that someone older than me is calling me ma'am? I thought I was still in the "miss" range..) She asked me where I found the pants, I pointed to the rack, and then I heard her sigh.

Me: No luck?
Her: Of course my size isn't here.
Me: What size are you looking for?
Her: 5, 7, 9, whatever works.

Me: Oh, I grabbed those sizes-- I don't know what size I am.
Her: Oh. Me: Well, I'm going to try them on and if they don't work, you'll be able to try them on.

I made my way to the dressing room, and she was there looking at me, full of hope. As I was trying on the pants, she says (through the walls), "Dang, the sizes I have don't work." One pair I had fit pretty well, but they were too long. Although the $13 tag was tempting, the additional cost of hemming would put them beyond my price point. So, I took them to the fitting room attendant, and as I was about to holler to the woman, she came out of nowhere, "What did you decide about them?" I told her I didn't love them enough so I was going to pass. I wished her luck and went on my way.

Have you ever had a similar experience? Were you in my shoes, or were you the woman who really wanted the item that someone else had in her hands?


  1. Funny you mentioned this...true story - I was at Ann Taylor yesterday and the sales person put a top in the dressing room for me and you know how they hang a piece of clothing to remind them which dressing room is yours. Well I went to try on my clothes and the top is missing and that was the only one left in my size! I really wanted this top so I was crushed that the sales person lost it. Well it was found - another customer decided it was better for her than me. The salesperson told her it was being tried on by another customer and she can not have it. So I had a happy ending to this story - the top came home to me.

    Totally different but kind of random and weird.


  2. I haven't ever had the experience in the dressing room like you. Hopefully you made that lady's day and the pants fit her at least :)

    You have been nailing it with some great looks lately! I love this combo. Heather

  3. That is so funny! I've never had that happen. I do cringe when people call me ma'am, but I don't know if miss would be better. I prefer ma'am to being called Honey or Princess! Unless you are my husband or my mom (or maybe a waitress who is at least 30 years older than me), please don't use cutesy pet names when speaking to me!

  4. This hasnt ever happened to me! I'm always so impressed at your bargain shopping!

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  5. I LOVE navy and pink together. But those pants...those are special.

    Also, I'm usually the OTHER woman in this situation. Going..."HEY! Can I have that if you don't want it????"

  6. It never happened to me :)

    by the way lovely look!

    New post on my blog!

  7. I don't recall such situation ever happening to me, but it is funny. I agree with Heather, great outfits lately.

  8. I adore these crops on you--such a pretty color (and the layering is awesome!). I can't believe that sweater is from the men's section! You're so clever!

    As far as a similar situation...I've had people be REALLY rude about an item when they see me with it...and they don't even know it's their size! Seriously, it's ridiculous! If you get to it first, they can wait. It's not a personal slight against them, right? Shopping is serious business...!

  9. Wow, that is the perfect striped sweater! The looser fit actually makes it better for layering because then buttons don't show through. I was disappointed when I saw you bought it a year ago, because that means I can't go buy one of my own!

  10. Hey, am a new reader. I am really enjoying going through all your posts. I like your sense of style. I like this particular outfit a lot. Nice to have found you.


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