Friday, November 9, 2012

You Buy it, You Wear it

I'm really getting a kick out of prints lately. I found this top on the weekend trip to Kohl's. When I saw the price tag, I was interested. When I saw that there were some threads coming undone, I knew that (possibly) meant an additional 15% discount. {Did you know some stores will give you a discount if an item is 'damaged'?-- I'm still not sure what constitutes as damaged or not, but I always ask just in case.} With a 15% coupon from my email, this top came out to $7.80. Not too shabby.

Occasion: Teaching
Top: Lauren Conrad c/o Kohl's
Cardigan, Necklace, Pants: The Limited
Heels: Anne Klein c/o DSW
I know what you're thinking. "Kate, you're getting a little carried away with the shopping this week."  My shopping buddy suggested that if a week had gone by and I still hadn't worn my purchases, to take them back. She said, "My policy is that if I buy something, I wear it right away. If I haven't worn it after a week, I take it back." What do you think about this strategy? I probably wouldn't own half the clothes I do if I knew of this strategy (and lived by it) two years ago.

I should probably follow her advice, since I have a pair of ankle booties that have been sitting in my closet for a month, and I have yet to wear them. But when I got them, they were $25. I returned them though, since I didn't wear them after a month. Then I re-purchased them for $20. And again, some time went by, and I finally decided to exchange them for the black ones. Then one night I decided I had to have them, and went back to get them. For $15. This weekend I saw that they have been marked up to $25. Sigh. What is a girl to do?

Should I just return them for one last and final time, or bite the bullet and force myself to wear them? What would you do? Have you been in a predicament like this before? And how would you style them?

                                                          Source: via a journey on Pinterest


  1. This top is cute! And the outfit is very nice and seems just perfect for teaching :)!
    What do you think about my last outfit? Here it's already pretty cold an rainy so I moved from wearing tops to wearing woolen sweaters ;)
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend!?

  2. I know what you mean with the summer-y shorts. I bought these cord- ones only for fall and winter and I'm sooo happy I found them in an outlet store in the internet ;). I don't like to wear summer shorts in winter neither. I would love to get some woolen ones...
    Now I'm curious to see if you gonna wear some shorts on top of leggings soon :)

  3. Keep the boots for $15! That's a great buy, and booties are big for fall...put them with skirts, dresses, etc....they will be so cute!

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  9. Lauren Conrad has the best clothes! Love it!

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  11. Great win on the print:) I think if you are still excited about the shoes, you should keep them. It depends on how giddy you feel like when you envision them in an outfit:)

    Teodora's Lookbook

  12. so cute! i love the yellow with the print! i am now following and i would love if you followed back :-)

  13. Love the top with the sweater! Great look.

    <3 Melissa

  14. Love the top!! What a steal! I would definitely keep the booties. I'm doing a post on suede booties tomorrow...I'm a big fan!

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  16. Nice color combination! I love the floral printed top. It is well paired with the neon sweater. Amazing style!

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  18. I loved the printed top! And wear that booties! They're so trendy!!
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    thank you

  19. I love Lauren Conrad's stuff at kohls (I'm wearing her blazer in today's post!) - the floral pretty is gorgeous and I love the colors!

    Pearls & Paws

  20. love Your cute cardigan <3 of course it would be great to follow each other :) following You now :)

  21. I think it's a *great* rule to shop by! I also have too many items I wore once or never.. I know it now, because I'm busy with setting up a shop on my blog.
    The story about booties is great:D
    Why don't you wear them? Are they not your style? Maybe you should sit down and think of at least 3 outfits to wear with them. Don't let yourself be carried away by the low price - if you won't wear them, they will just take place in your closet. Saying that, I do love them, I own a pair just like that and they're a basic in my wardrobe:)


    1. I think that's my problem-- I haven't been able to come up with 3 outfits to wear them with. People have suggested "dresses and skirts", but that isn't helpful because I don't think these booties go with every dress or skirt. Also, since it's so cold out now, can I wear them with black tights, or do I need to wear a brown or some other color? If I wear them with skinny jeans, do I tuck the jeans into the booties, or roll them up? Ah, decisions decisions.

  22. Love the color of that cardi and those heels are a-maz-ing!


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