Monday, November 12, 2012

Men's Clothing and Not-Skinny Jeans

Last spring, I was in the market for a striped sweater. One day, I found a decent striped sweater at the Banana Republic Factory. I bought it, although I was not excited about the fact that it didn't even come down to my belt-line. Later that day, I went to Old Navy. On the way to the fitting room, I saw a table full of men's sweaters on clearance. There it was. A navy and white striped sweater for $7. The one from BRF was $20-some. I grabbed the sweater, tried it on, and was immediately pleased with how well it fit. I bought it without hesitation. (And returned the BRF sweater.)

The first time I put it on, my husband asked me, "Are you wearing men's clothing?" 

Umm. Yeah, I am.

Occasion: Attending lecture & office hours
Button up shirt: Tommy Hilfiger c/o ?
Sweater: Old Navy
Necklace: The Limited
Jeans: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Candie's c/o Kohl's
One thing I've learned from blogging is that there is nothing wrong with wearing men's clothing. The trick is to pair it with more feminine items. Hence the pink shirt underneath and the flame orange necklace.

I was originally going to wear this outfit (or something like it) with skinny jeans, but all of a sudden I became really worried... "I think these skinny jeans are not skinny jeans, but actually jeggings." I believe that jeggings should only be worn with tops that are long enough to cover the bum, and this sweater does not do this. (I grabbed an old pair of not-jeggings, not-skinny jeans jeans and called it a day.)

{If you click here, you will see the skinny jeans/jeggings I am referring to (scroll down past the purple and green jeans), and you can decided for me what they are.}

This all got me to thinking... Where do you draw the line between jeggings and skinny jeans? At what point are skinny jeans no longer skinny jeans, but actually jeggings? (And vice-versa?) And really, when is it absolutely necessary that your bum be covered by your top?

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  1. I really love this outfit! I would never have known that is a men's sweater!

    As for jeggings, I think there is a fine line in the definition. I have some pretty stretchy skinny jeans, but I wouldn't define them as jeggings. To me, if you still have a functioning zipper and button situation, they are just skinny jeans. I'm sure others would disagree!

  2. This doesn't even look like a men's sweater! What a great find and $7 is a steal.

    As far as jeggings, the ones that I have I treat as leggings. Leggings and jeggings both have the same rule, the bum must be covered :) Heather

    1. Does that mean that jeggings are simply leggings with the denim feel? And if my 'skinny jeans' don't have the same look/feel as leggings, then they are in fact skinny jeans?

  3. I consider jeans jeggings when there is A LOT of stretch. In your case I'd say those are definitely skinny jeans. Although, I also am going to throw out there that I don't think shirts HAVE to cover your bum in a jegging, as long as it's a somewhat longer style top you're probably fine [unless the 'jeggings' are so tight they leave nothing to the imgaination]. (;

  4. Love that sweater! I can't believe it's a men's no one would ever know! I might have to start shopping the men's section :)

  5. There are two different types of jeggings. There are leggings that look like jeans, so they feel like leggings but look like jeans. The other type are stretchy material jeans which feel like jeans and look like jeans but are really stretchy and sometimes have fake pockets or a fake zipper. In my opinion I don't think your shirt needs to go past your bum if they are the second type of jeggings because really, it's pretty much just super stretchy fake jeans. I think the difference between skinny jeans and jeggings are that jeggings are more skin tight and have a better fit, less loose material.

    & Can you try following through GFC again, I can't seem to see you on the followers list! Thanks in advance!

  6. I love this outfit. Well put together. :)

  7. I would never have guessed that this is a men's sweater! It fits you perfectly! I agree with you about needing a top that covers your bum for jeggings, but I guess it does depend on how thick the material is. Great outfit!

    Avec Amber

  8. I like to wear my fiances sweaters! And I also have some old sweaters from my brother in my closet which I love to wear with short skirts and leggings. This striped one is really pretty! I love stripes :)

  9. I love the necklace layered over your sweater - so cute!

    Pearls & Paws

  10. love this look! and we'd have never known it was a men's sweater! you styled it flawlessly :)

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  11. hii honey :) im doing a GIVEAWAY in my blog :) may you're interested !! xx

  12. Love your outfit! Men's clothes are the best sometimes. Keep up the great work!

    The Broadcloth

  13. You look so cute, how could he know that was a mens sweater?! He's good!

    xo Rach

    1. The first time I wore it, I didn't have anything underneath, so the shoulder seam fell below my shoulders by an inch maybe, and it fit in the chest, but was baggy in the stomach. I think it is less noticeable since I have layers on underneath the sweater, and the photos don't do it justice. But yeah, I can't get anything past him :P

  14. I love sweaters and I love stripes! And I completely agree with you about the jeggings thing. People need to cover their bums when wearing jeggings and DEFINITELY when wearing leggings!!


    new follower btw from

  15. Great outfit..Follow you now :)))

  16. Love this fall look!
    I'm loving collars and the striped sweater and statement necklace brings such a fun edge.
    Glad I found your site!
    XOX Angela

  17. gorgeous!! I just looove stripes:))I would love to follow each other dear!! :)) just let me know once you follow me and I will follow you right back!!:)


  18. I would have never thought to venture over to the men's department for a sweater! But at that price and style, I can see why!

    Stopping by from the link up! Happy Wednesday!

    Understated Classics

  19. Oh I love menswear! One of my favorite styles to wear :) My hubby often makes fun of what I wear but I take that as a good sign cause he has no fashion sense! haha! I love the collar under the striped sweater! ps saw u from Pleated Poppy!

    The House of Shoes

  20. I love this! I'll have to check out some men's sweaters soon :) So cute!

  21. super cute! i love wearing mens' stuff, but normally just because i hate anything tight fitting!

    found you through the linkup!

  22. love this sweater, can't believe it's mens!

    C's Evolution of Style

  23. You looks pretty! love the color combination and the view is just nice :)

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