Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Does Body Type Limit Fashion Freedom?

[This is not a political rant. It's a philosophical rant.]

Election day is supposedly a day where we got to exercise our right to choose. No one can tell us what to do, or who to vote for. It is one of the few times that we make a decision with the utmost freedom. But you have to wonder - at least a little - how much freedom do we actually have? Are not told what kind of things we should value, and what should be at the forefront of our minds? National debt? Foreign policy?

What about when it comes to fashion? How much freedom do we actually have? Recently, I came across a website {here} on which you input your proportions (bust, natural waist, hips), and it not only tells you what your body type is, it also tells you what kind of clothes you should wear, and what kinds you should avoid. I submitted my measurements for kicks and giggles, but let me tell you, there was no giggling to be had on this side. 

The website told me that I should not wear anything that would attract attention to my bottom half. This meant no tight pants, no colorful pants, no pencil skirts, and absolutely no colored skinny jeans. I began to wonder whether most bloggers' mantras of "Wear whatever you want to wear" really could be acted upon? 

Sure, I can stick it to the man website and wear colorful skinny jeans, but when I choose to, am I acting with absolute freedom? I know that no one is stopping me, but has my decision to do so not be affected - even if it is ever so slightly?

[end philosophical digression]

photo taken after voting at 7:30am
not entirely awake, but sunrise is cool
thank goodness for daylight savings
Occasion: Attending class
Top: Express
Belt: Target
Skinny jeans: The Limited
Flats: Christian Siriano c/o Payless
Honestly, I've been avoiding wearing colorful skinny jeans because every pair I've ever tried on accentuates my hips, thighs, and calves. (It's ridiculous how disproportional my body is. My natural waist is almost half the size of my hips.)  Sure, we advocate wearing whatever you want to wear -- as long as it is flattering to your body type. But what do you do when those two come in conflict? What do you do when it's said that 'spoons' should avoid colorful bottoms, but you as a 'spoon' want to wear colorful bottoms?

Does your body type infringe upon your freedom to wear whatever you want? Are you affected by 'rules' that are specific to your natural endowments?

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  1. Well I think you look fine in your colored jeans. I guess my beliefs are that we should dress in what makes us comfortable and feel good. Confidence is the best accessory no matter what a website says :) Heather

  2. 100% agree with the response. You look better in things you feel confident in, even if they technically aren't for you body type!

  3. super cute, i love your green jeans!

    wear what makes you happy and express your true self!


  4. Could not agree more here! You look beautiful in what you feel good in, you look pretty in those jeans! I love your flats too!

  5. That site is full of it! You look great in colored skinny jeans!!


  6. I checked out the body type link and I wanted to say, perfect link for this post. It was quite an interesting philosophical perspective on... fashion, of all things.

    You really got me thinking about dressing for my body type. So, I pulled out out one of my fashion favorites - Lauren Conrad, Style. This book has wonderful tips on dressing for your body and so much more. Ultimately I think there is a "correct" way to dress for your body type, BUT and this is a big ole' but, the way someone styles an outfit can definitely trump the rules of dressing for your body type.

    Your outfit here with the colored skinny jeans is flawless. I love the adorable cheetah belt. You gave body type rules a right hook.


  7. I also did my measurements on that site and while it did have some general helpful rules (same as yours - draw attention away from my lower half, haha), I do think it's good to break outside of those guidelines so we don't feel stuck in a box of certain things we can or can't wear. Sometimes I think that can make us feel worse by constantly putting the focus on our "trouble areas" rather than just focusing on what we like and want to wear. It's a fine line I guess - good to keep body type in mind, but I don't think women should limit themselves from wearing an entire genre of styles (colorful bottoms, for example) because we think our lower half isn't good enough! And for that matter, I think you look great in these jeans! I totally have the same problem where skinnies really do accentuate the parts of my body I hate the most, but I try to think of it as a lesson in body confidence when I bring myself to wear them :)

  8. Great post! I checked out the site and thought it was interesting. I think it would be a useful tool for someone with no fashion sense or is in denial about their body type! haha... But since you obviously have style and know what looks good on your body I don't think you have to follow all the rules! Keep wearing colored jeans! I wouldn't think from looking at your pictures that your body is "disproportional".

  9. I think there is something to be said for guidelines relative to body type but ultimately I think it is more about how we feel in our own skin and our person style.
    Confidence plays such a crucial role in how we style ourselves.
    For what its worth, I think you look great in your colored skinnys and I would absolutely continue to wear them with confidence!
    XO, Gina

  10. Wow. I Love it! You have so so great blog! <3

    Would You like to follow each other? :)

  11. I think the colored skinnies look great on you! And like another commenter said, I think how you feel and your confidence play a bigger role in looking great than dressing for a specific body type.

  12. So cute! I love the pop of leopard!

    I followed ya!
    Check out my blog!
    Hope you follow back <3




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