Thursday, November 8, 2012

Clearance Racks

I stumble upon a lot of "advice" on other fashion blogs. I frequently remember what was said, but rarely remember who it was said by. I say "advice" because one blogger told her readers not to shop in the clearance section, because you'll only find the stuff that nobody else wanted. {If you were the one who wrote this, I mean no offense.}

This past weekend, I went to Kohl's and JCPenney to find some burgundy tights. I didn't find the tights there, but what I found was a whole lot of goodness on the clearance racks. Two of the items I bought are featured today.

Say hello to my $3.25 top and $8.33 jeans.

Occasion: Attending class
Top: JCPenney
Skinny jeans: Elle c/o Kohl's
Flats: Jennifer Lopez c/o Kohl's
Are the clearance racks the first place you go when you enter a store? They always have been for me. My mom was so good at finding amazing discounts for me growing up. I must have finally inherited the gene. Can I get a woot woo?!

What's your take on clearance racks? Will you buy something just because it costs a few bucks? Or does you steer away because the clearance racks are just "full of the stuff nobody wanted to pay full price for"?


  1. Whoever said not to shop the clearance racks was crazy. I don't believe it's because nobody wanted something. Most stores rotate stock so fast, it doesn't seem like it even takes long for something to go on clearance. I like to stalk things that I like and wait for it to go on clearance. Who doesn't want to save a little bit of cash? Kohl's has some fabulous clearance sections with great stuff. Both items you got are awesome :) Heather

  2. I am so right there with you!!! I just went to Kohl's as well and had quite some luck finding amazing deals. I have found some of my favorite pieces on the "frowned upon" clearance racks.

  3. Super cute outfit! I think clearance is the best way to find things sometimes! Nothing wrong with a sale!

    xo Rach

  4. Lovely casual look!Nice blog. What about following each other?

  5. Haha, I can't believe someone wrote that about clearance racks! I mean, I get the idea to some extent, but most of us are on serious budgets and probably head to the clearance racks first - at least that is what I do!

    That top is seriously so cute - I haven't been to Kohl's in ages, but it looks like I need to :)

  6. I recently read the same advice, and I think it was Jill from Good Life for Less.

    I almost exclusively shop off the clearance racks, but I agreed with the main point of her advice, which is that we shouldn't buy things just because they are on sale, or just because they are a few dollars. I used to buy things that I probably shouldn't have bought, just because they were $5 or less, and then I would have these pieces that I never wore. I just have to remind myself that it would be better to spend $30 on one item that I will wear frequently than to spend $5 each on 6 things that I might wear once or twice.

    1. Andi, you make some good points. I just interpreted her as belittling the clearance racks. I prefer to buy the items I will wear more frequently, but I try to keep an eye on the piece and wait until it goes on sale (not just a 30% off sale- rather a real, true sale). I think it's all about balance, and not buying something just because it's on a great deal, but also knowing what you really want. I've had purple skinny jeans on my list for a long time, but also didn't feel like they were worth more than $15. When I found them for $9 on clearance, I was satisfied. I ultimately try to put values on items, and pay what I think it deserves.

      Thanks for your interpretation and feedback :)

  7. I love clearance racks! Nice flats :) I'm following you now. Would you like to follow me back?


  8. I love clearance racks too, you can definitely find some great stuff there! As mentioned already, I think the key is just remembering not to impulse buy a bunch of cheap items you won't wear just because they're good deal, but other than that, I'm all over it!


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