Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Series of Thanks: Day 3

"Kate, it's Day 3 of The Twelve Days of Thanksgiving. What are you thankful for today?"

I am thankful for my dogs.

Do you have dogs? Mine bring me so much joy. My husband got Solo (black dog seen below) the day after we had "officially" become boyfriend and girlfriend. We joke that he is the reason we are together-- as taking care of him together brought us closer together. On days that we are testy with one another, we joke that we stay together for the dogs (Nuna is our other dog-- we got her right after Thanksgiving the same year we got Solo). But in all seriousness, my dogs are my babies. [I could talk about them all day, so if you want to know anything about them, feel free to ask!]

Today, the husband came out with the dogs and surprised me while I was taking outfit pictures.

[Sorry that the photos are blurry--
the flash was really intense.]

Occasion: Attending class
Top: Banana Republic - gift from Mom
Cardigan: Target
Crops: Loft - gift from Mom
Flats: Target
Again, I'm seasonally-challenged. Crops in November? Yep. I figure I'll have plenty of time for layers come December January. So I might as well enjoy the weather while I can.

As far as the outfit itself goes, I was going to wear nude heels today, but I just wasn't feeling it. I was feeling like doing a reverse imitation. The last time I wore this outfit, I wore it here, with a red-orange cardigan and a black skirt. One great lesson I learned from J. of J's Everyday Fashion is to repeat color schemes. I decided to rotate the colors, and wear the black on top this time around. Since I don't have a red-orange bottom, I went for the closest I had, which was burgundy (or whatever that color is called).

Do you a favorite way to remix an item of clothing?


  1. love those pants!


  2. Great look! I love the chevron print top! And your doggie is so cute. :)

    xo - Sheila

  3. I used to have dogs when I was a little girl and my mom still has one and I would love love love to have one too! So I can defintely undertand why you are thankfull for your dog!
    I need some help in deciding what to wear on a fair tommorrow- if you have time, take a look at my latest post and tell me what you think I should wear :)

  4. Dogs are human's best friends, right?
    When a dog has been trained and behaves well, there's no better company you can be with! An therefore I love dogs, especially my own one! ;)
    And I love those burgundy pants! <3

    Ps. Also your dog is super-cute!

  5. Hi Kate. I am Ada - nice meeting you. I am new to your blog but so far I am loving it and FOLLOWING you. Hopefully you follow me back. The best thing about blogging, besides having fun & talking about fashion (for me) is the people we get to 'meet' along the way. Always happy to meet, cute, new bloggers like yourself.

    I really like your simple, college outfit, perfect for attending class. Those skinny jeans are great and what a lovely color!! I like the chevron top, too.

    Also, what a nice Thanksgiving series. I will be reading along. =) I hope you check out my blog, too. Thanks a lot.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Kate. <3 Ada.

  6. ...And I just realize I had clicked FOLLOW a while back when I first stumbled upon your blog. I love the catchy name it has, too. ;-)


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