Wednesday, June 6, 2012

One Dress, Four Ways

Do you own at least one item that is so low cut that it becomes challenging to wear? Or that is cut in a particular way that no bra will go unseen? I do. (But seriously, who doesn't?)

Dress: Forever 21
I bought this dress years ago and ended up mostly wearing it in the house. It's too low cut for comfort (or at least to go out in public comfortably) and it clearly cannot be worn with a strappy bra. [On a side note, I have boycotted strapless bras because of how much of a disappointing failure they all are. If you have any recommendations for awesome strapless bras (that will offer lift and support!), please let me know!!]

So the question is, can this dress be salvaged for public wear? Are there any options for wearing it without feeling like you walked right off the beach?

Answer: yes. I came up with four options.

#1: Wear a cami underneath

Option #1: Wear a cami. Layering often works, but can be more difficult depending on the neckline. I have a hard time bringing myself to layer anything non-v-neck underneath a v-neck. But sometimes, you just gotta say "screw it" and go with it. 

#2: Add a Scarf
(this one is from The Limited)

Option #2: Add a scarf. It's really easy to find lightweight scarves (The Limited generally has a great collection - this particular scarf is actually from The Limited). The loose wrap will allow air flow so you don't end up feeling stuffy. Also, bra straps and cleavage are no where to be seen, so it's a win-win. 

#3: Add Top and Belt
(both from The Limited)

Option #3: Add a Top and Belt. Obviously, the belt is optional, but it creates an appearance of two separate items. Sometimes you can be left with a "obviously there's just a top over a dress" feel. There are two ways to avoid that feeling - this is one way, the other way can be seen below.

#4: Wear the Dress as a Skirt
(Top: The Limited)

Option #4: Wear the Dress as a Skirt. You can see that the dress comes down to my knees in this picture. How did that happen? I simply took the straps off of my shoulders, pulled down the dress, and used the elastic band to keep the skirt up. Tip: if your dress has no elastic, you can easily use a belt to get the dress (skirt) to stay up!

Way #2 (add a scarf) is my favorite option for this dress, although I might try options 3 and 4 with another shirt. What do you think? How do you deal with low cut tops and/or tops that inevitably reveal bra straps?

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