Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Neon Polka

Today's look has been inspired by J's Everyday Fashion.

Cardigan & Necklace: The Limited
Skirt: Banana Republic
{When I created my look, I did it from memory. I remembered J's top being much more electric and highlighter yellow. And this cardigan is actually much brighter in person.}

I know that the trend these days is to mix prints, but since I have yet to jump on that bandwagon, I'll stick to what works for me. And for me, I like pairing neon with prints. There's just something about highlighter pink pants and highlighter yellow top that's .... blinding. Offensive. Superfluous. But neon and a print? Genius.

What do you think? Do I need to do another neon and print post tomorrow to defend my case? Or have you experimented with neon and come to some other verdict?

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