Friday, May 18, 2012

Hey There, Mary Ann

Occasion: Day date/hanging out with the hubby in the "big city"
(earlier this week)
Button up & Shorts: Old Navy
Cami: Charlotte Russe
Belt: borrowed from the hubs
flip flops (not pictured): Old Navy

Have you ever put together an outfit, only to realize shortly after that your look is a recreation of a well-established look? I have. On multiple occasions. Once, I wore a blue cardigan and yellow skirt and ended up looking like a modern day Snow White. On Wednesday, I wore what you see above, only to shortly after realize that I looked a little like Mary Ann from Gilligan's island. [Actually, it was the husband who said "Hey there, Mary Ann" as I walked out of the bedroom.]  Of course, I can't find any pictures of her plaid/gingham ensemble online, but if you're not familiar, this may suffice... (keep in mind I also put my hair in a side braid)...

Can we also take a moment to celebrate that I have spent months looking for a gingham shirt (for under $30) and *finally* found one (at Old Navy). Yay!

So, what are we going to call this phenomenon? Unintentional (or sub-conscious) imitation? Reverse inspiration?

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