Friday, May 11, 2012

A Good Investment

Top, Crops, and Belt: The Limited
Cardigan: The Loft - old/gift
flats: Old Navy
If you know me, you know that I hate spending too much money on clothes. If I think I paid more than something is worth, and I bought it anyway, 99% of the time, it makes its way back to the store. I loved this top from the moment I saw it, but not $40 love. By the time it got to an almost reasonable price, my size was sold out! Luckily, I had planned to go to the "big city" that weekend, and believe it or not, I found one left! (Which was a really pleasant surprise as on my previous trip, my size was sold out.) Even though I shelled out a few bucks more than I wanted to ($15), I am very pleased with it. If I remember to take pictures (or if I actually leave the house this summer), you will be seeing it a lot.

This cardigan is also making a comeback. I got it years ago, and stopped wearing it because it's sown inside out (it looks like I'm wearing it inside out when I'm not) and it's too long to wear for a business-casual look. I really like the color, though. Maybe I've finally decided to get over the little imperfections of the cardigan and look at the bigger picture instead? Hm, who knows.

On that note, I'm not actually sure if I will be doing anything this summer. Now that I'm done dressing up and going out into the real world on a daily basis, I guess I'll try to post some outfits of what I wore... or could have worn? I'm not really sure what else to post. Any ideas? Any requests?

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