Monday, April 23, 2012

The Power of a Sweater

Shirt & Pants: The Limited
Sweater: Zara
Pearls: from Italy - gift
flats: Xhiliration c/o Target - old

Sweaters are great. Especially this one.

Story time! My parents have friends in Canada, and those friends have daughters. It became a tradition that any time we went to visit them, the girls would take me to the mall. The first step was always H&M, and then Zara. This sweater was beyond my typical price point for sweaters, but it had cute buttons on the cuff that I couldn't resist. That, and I was given Canadian money as a gift, so I had to spend it. (After all, what would I do with Canadian money in the States? Exchange it for half its worth? Ha! Yeah right!)

Yes, this outfit is more or less a replicate of this outfit, but I maintain that a different sweater makes all the difference - even if it is the same color. I feel like this one will be much more of a go-to (or one that I might replicate) more often than the other. 

Oddly enough, J over at J's Everyday Fashion has the same question for you today: Have you ever found success after a failed first attempt at an outfit?

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  1. A button-up under a v-neck sweater is such an easy yet classic and put-together look. I have had the idea lately that I should go back and "improve" on outfits I wore my first Spring/Summer blogging which was back in 2009. But I have discovered that most of the stuff I wore back then aside from shoes & accessories, I have purged out of my wardrobe. I may still try it though, just based on overall idea as most of my "looks" back then were super-lame.


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