Monday, February 6, 2012

Subtle Stripes

I realize that it's still only the first week in February, and I'm going through last year's outfits like there's no tomorrow. Last night I stayed up way too late grading students' papers. The only reason I did was because I told them they'd get their papers back on Monday, and I hate to be one of those instructors that doesn't follow through on what they say... especially when the papers were only one to two pages. Needless to say, I knew I wouldn't have time or motivation to pick something out in the morning, and since I was low on sleep, I went with what was easy and within reach: pants and a shirt. Amazing how easy putting together outfits can be! Ha. It amazes me that we can be so consumed with the combination, because in the end, you've got yourself a bottom and a top (unless you're wearing a dress, in which case your bottom is your top).
Everything: The Limited
(shirt is white w/purple stripes)
Hey, it's been well over three months since I've worn this outfit. Anyway, as each day passes, I'm losing the last bits of motivation I have to put an outfit together. I may really just start to grab random pieces from my closet. I had a shirt hanging on my door from this weekend, and put some black pants up on the door last night. Earlier I was in my room and just stared at the combo. A cobalt blue shirt and black pants. I would never have thought to put the two together. (Yes, I know I wore a cobalt blue skirt and black turtleneck last week.)

Here's to hoping I get some awesome inspiration for the rest of the week! If not, can you think of any good challenges for me? One challenge I'm considering is going for monochromatic looks for the rest of the week. The reason that is such a challenge is because my closet lacks variety when it comes to color. Maybe I'll try it anyway... hmm... 

Challenge... possibly accepted.

Oh... can we talk about a lesson we all learn as little kids? You know that one that goes something like "don't judge a book by it's cover"? Well, don't. 

I saw these kicks online recently, but thought nothing of them. I saw only the top of them and thought to myself, "FINALLY!" I've been looking for a pair of feminine, non-boating, loafers for so long. It was only when I pulled one out of the box that I saw it had a wedge. Before dismissing it entirely, I thought I should give them a try. And it's a good thing I did.

They are superb. They are unbelievably comfortable. They go with everyday jeans. And I think they're cute. What more do I need to say? Oh, you want to know about price? Eh... $27. But with BOGO 1/2, they worked out quite nicely. 

I'm not sure how they'll look with anything other than jeans, but hey, I have time to figure that out.

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