Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Neutral Tuesday

As the days pass, it seems that my outfits aren't the only things that are lacking creativity; my post titles are, too. Oh well. It's Tuesday. I haven't worn this scarf to school yet. It's slightly embarrassing to admit that this outfit was inspired, but it was. The combination of tan sweater and cream scarf came from Pinterest.

Here's a look at how I wore it, and how I could have wore it - but didn't.

Scarf: TJ Maxx
Sweater: Zara
Jeans: The Limited
I guess I just prefer the
European knot?
Which do you like?

About my outfit: [I am wearing dark jeans in this picture, despite the fact that they look incredibly black, they're not. And the sweater is a dark tan, while the scarf is beige/cream.] A cold front is coming through, so I actually got excited to be able to wear something "winter-y". I've been looking forward to spring weather and wearing skirts without tights for so long that I forgot I actually have some sweaters that I want to wear before it's too late! Do you spend an entire season longing for the opposite season to come around? Do you spend winters shivering and pining for warmth, only to long for the days of bundling up when it's hot and sticky out? Jared loves the 50 degree days we had recently. He says that he wouldn't mind if the weather were like that year round. I personally would prefer to have it be in the 70s or so - warm enough to wear a dress without tights but still cool enough to be able to layer it with a cardigan if I chose. What's your ideal climate? And how much does it have to do with clothing?

I should note that when this outfit was put together, I had no conscious consideration of yesterday's challenge (mono-chromatic looks for the rest of the week). Yay for completing day one of this week's challenge!

On an unrelated note... regarding shoes... 

Yesterday was the last day of buy one, get one half off at Payless. For some reason, I went on their website today and found shoes that screamed my name. I just hope they are mustard yellow in person and not some weird gross yellow. Oh, and of course, I hope they fit. Fingers crossed! 

I still have to decide about the other four pairs sitting in my closet. Whoops. But hooray for finding something AWESOME. It's funny that I spent Saturday shopping and found barely anything - especially after I told Jared that I would spend $100, and he nearly OK'ed it. Granted, I was at an Outlet Mall and tend not to have great luck with those. But still.

I guess the lesson here is to not look for something and let it just come to you? Have you had any good finds lately that you were not planning for?

I also have been in the market for some awesome galoshes for a few years now. My need was satiated earlier this year when Jared found me a pair of "gardening boots" in the clearance garden/seasonal section at Target this fall. $8 and lavender. What more could I ask for? Oh... that's right... polka dot galoshes. Can we hope that these go on sale, and sometime soon? Target has had some that look like these, but with colored dots. I don't want those. I want white dots. And to not have to fork over $30. Is that really so much to ask?

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