Monday, February 13, 2012

Easy Outfit for an Exhausted Orator

I have little to say today, partially because nothing exciting has happened, and partially because I am so exhausted. I went to bed late last night, and for some dumb reason, asked Jared to read one of my student's papers. We spent the next thirty or forty minutes discussing this paper. (It was only two pages long, by the way.) Then after we decided it was already way past our bedtimes, I did my usual "Hey Jared..." [I have this really weird tendency to do that right as I'm closing my eyes to fall asleep - some thought pops into my head, and I just have to ask him.] What followed was an inquiry of whether he missed our hometown. Needless to say, that conversation lasted a while. And then I woke up a handful of hours later, and had a full day. 

Shirt & Pants: The Limited
Cardigan: Banana Republic
Oh, do you want to hear about a major disappointment?
Last week, I received the latest issue of In Style. In it, I found the greatest advertisement I have ever seen from The Limited. I knew based off of some interneting that the store was releasing a new line on February 13 (today) and February 27. Well, based off of how many things I loved the last time they had a new floor set (probably two weeks ago), I was so excited. I was literally counting down the days last week. Every day I saw one of my colleagues (with whom I'm going shopping Saturday), I shared my enthusiasm with her for the upcoming new floor set. [What word do we use to describe the new clothes that a store puts out bi-weekly? New floor set? New trends? Getting new things in?] 

Long story short, this was a major disappointment. Let me share with you my wants, based off of their new arrivals.

Yes, pink pants.
Red skinny jeans are a no go,
so this is the next best thing.
They also have this in
bubblegum pink.


The only reason that last one is up there is because I would take it (or buy it at a super cheap price).  As you can see, this is the smallest want list on a new arrivals day... probably ever. I just hope they don't disappoint in two weeks. Of course my coupons expire the day before the next set of new arrivals is supposed to hit. Go figure.

Can I just take a moment to complain about the trends this year, at least at the Limited? Why couldn't I have worked there this year? Why couldn't these clothes have been there last year? Do you know how simple life would have been for me? I wouldn't have been tempted by all of the fabulous clothes, and my wallet would be so much fatter than it is now. Seriously though. I am so sick of the stingray arms and baggy ass shirts. I am not fat, I actually have a top that I don't feel self-conscious about. It seems then the only logical thing is to wear fitted shirts. Ha! Like that even exists any more! Two of the three new tops on this list have little to no shape. I am also getting tired of the drape neck fad. I used to love cowls, and I sorta still do, but so much less than I ever used to. I mean, really, how many drape neck shirts can a girl own? 

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