Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Here's to Blue

I completely forgot today was Valentine's Day. I also forgot that when my alarm went off this morning, it went off for a reason. Normally I sleep in on Tuesdays and Thursdays since I don't have class until 2:30pm. Today, however, I had a meeting at 11am. I hit my snooze and at about 10:10am, I realized that I had twenty minutes to get ready and leave for school. So, I grabbed some jeans, this particular top because I hadn't worn it in a long time, and voila - my Valentine's Day outfit. 

Everything: The Limited
Realistically, you have to feel bad for blue when it comes to the holidays. Valentine's Day is a day devoted to red (and pink and even purple, too). Saint Patrick's Day is a day devoted to green. Halloween is orange and black; Christmas is red and green. Thanksgiving is orange and brown. New Year's is silver? The point is that blue gets left out. (Okay, fourth of July, but that's shared with red, so it's not quite the same.) Even some people choose to wear black on V-Day. My point is that teal is neglected. So here's to teal.

Oh, dream time! Last night I had a dream that Jared and I had a baby, but that while we were on our way somewhere with it, he told me how happy he was that he could "finally hold her hand". The "her" he was referring to, however, was his other girlfriend/wife. Yeah. It made me cry (in real life, while I was dreaming). I was so upset that he was telling me this, and that he was happy with some other chick. He even said that he was happy he could be spending half of his time with her (apparently in the dream, Jared spent three days a week with each of us, and alternated Sundays). Well, I didn't want to be near him or the baby any longer, even though I was pissed that "she" was helping take care of the baby. "She" even tried confronting me, but I yelled at her that this wasn't about her, this was about Jared. Other weird shit happened in the dream, too. Needless to say, when I woke from the dream, I was upset with Jared. I told him what happened and he just said he was sorry that dream-Jared is such a douche. That made me smile a bit. Happy V-Day to us <3

Well, I have a test tomorrow over utilitarianism. My notes go forever, but I still feel like I know nothing. I've reached that point where I'm done binging on candy and have given up with studying. I'm going to do arguments during class tomorrow, forgo the lesson plan of a disaster that I put together this afternoon, and study during my office hours. That works, right?

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