Wednesday, March 4, 2015

last call for winter?

Last night, the weather forecast indicated that the next ten days would include a series of 50+ degree days, with the exception of Wednesday and Thursday. This means one of two things: either spring is officially around the corner, or spring is going to come in, make us fall in love with it, and then leave us for another few months. (What a tease!) I'm really hoping it's the former. Just in case this is the last we'll see of winter, I pulled out all the winter tropes: boots, chunky scarf, cozy tunic sweater.

Back in November, I raved about this tunic sweater. It's so cozy and so comfortable, and best of all, it's long enough to be worn with leggings! The downside? It's not very flattering. (Trust me, I chose the best picture.) I didn't know it until after I had worn it a bunch. So, I've saved it for an office hours/possibly last week of winter kind of day. Sincere sympathy goes out to those of you who won't have such wonderful weather this week.

Scarf: random stand from mall | similar
Tunic Sweater: SO via Kohl's | exact
Skinny Jeans: The Limited | similar
Boots: (gift) Madden Girl | option

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

two become one

This outfit was a result of looking at two previous outfits of mine and putting them together. (This one and this one.) Have you ever created an outfit by mixing two outfits together?

In other news, I need to take a moment to sing praises for Old Navy's striped skirts. I'm very tempted to buy this one in red stripe. While part of me wants to hold off until it goes on sale, another part of me knows that I will get my money's worth even if I buy it at full price. I see the same being true about the sweater I'm wearing today. If I didn't already have enough sweaters, I'd consider buying it in camel, too. 

Sweater: (c/o Mom) J. Crew Factory | exact
Necklace: The Limited | love this one
Belt: The Limited | last worn
Skirt: Old Navy | same style - only $12!
Flats: via Target | exact

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Monday, March 2, 2015

Budget Rewind: February 2013

I did a terrible job keeping track of my purchases in February 2013. And I did a terrible job of shopping in February 2013.


  • The Limited striped maxi skirt: $20 - While in theory this skirt should get worn a lot, it doesn't. I constantly reach for it during spring and summer weekends, but usually end up tossing it aside because I can't figure out what top to wear with it. That, or I just pair it with the same white v-neck tee. Plus, it's too heavy for the 90+ degree summers I have to deal with.

  • The Limited sequin cardigan: $?? - I remember loving the way it looked on me in store, but not having as much flexibility with it as I thought I would have. If you have any styling ideas, please let me know!
  • Old Navy floral shirt: $10 - I think I saw a similar version at J. Crew and thinking I had to have a floral shirt. The more that time goes by, the more I realize that I'm not a floral print kind of person, except in small doses. I was, however, pleasantly surprised to see I've worn it almost ten times on the blog. This one might get one more try before it makes its way to the donation pile.
  • Forever 21 ikat dress: $?? - I swear this dress has gotten shorter as time has passed. I don't feel comfortable wearing something that short anymore, even when paired with tights. Off to consignment it goes?
  • (not pictured) Forever 21 rings and bracelets: $?? - I didn't write anything other than "rings" and "bracelets" in my spreadsheet so I'm not sure what this refers to. Judging how little I wear my rings and bracelets from Forever 21, it's easy to see these were bad purchases.

I was dreading recapping this month. 4 of 5 purchases were bad?! That's just terrible. I honestly can't even say what I was thinking. The silver lining of this recap is that I never even considered getting rid of any of these items, but now I'm comfortable getting rid of some of them (at least the dress and the shirt).

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Budget Rewind: February 2014

It's time for another budget rewind. This time, I'm looking back at purchases from February 2014

  • The Limited skirt: $30 - It was definitely my favorite skirt in 2014, but somewhat neglected at the moment. As soon as I get navy shoes that will change.
  • Old Navy sweater (black): $11 - I really should put this in the 'excellent' category. It's my go-to top for weekends. I can't tell you how many times I've simply paired it with a tee underneath, my white jeans, and a long necklace.

  • Old Navy sweater (grey): $9 - A great way to try the embellished sweater trend without breaking the bank. It's lost its magic somewhere along the way though, so I'll have to try to fix that this March.
  • The Limited scarf: $17 - While this scarf has been featured 6 times in the past 12 months, I really thought I would be wearing this scarf more. I'm not as gaga over it as I was when I bought it, but that might have more to do with its length than anything else.

Honorable mentions:
  • Old Navy striped hoodie: $16 - I returned this one because I didn't love how it fit me, I couldn't see myself wearing it all the time, and I ultimately didn't need to spend $16 on lounge-wear when I already have tubs of lounge-wear. 
  • Old Navy sweater (navy):  $12 - This is one piece I actually regret returning. In an effort to get my monthly spending total down, I decided to return it to get my $12 back. I'm pretty sure I would have gotten my money's worth by now had I decided to keep it.

It's a good budget rewind when I have no regrets. The only thing I regret here is not keeping the navy sweater. I will make an effort to wear all of these items this March!

Friday, February 27, 2015

February Budget

1. J. Crew striped sweater: thrifted, $12.50
2. Target scarf: originally $15, on clearance $4.50
3. Loft sweater: originally $60, on clearance $10
4. Payless flat: originally $30, on sale $16
5. Gap ankle pant: originally $75, on clearance $10
6. Target handbag: originally $30, on clearance $15
7. (not pictured) burgundy infinity scarf : $4

= $72 - $10 clothes sold = $62

I'm mostly satisfied with these purchases. The only thing keeping me from saying it was a great month are the infinity scarf and the handbag. I'm still on the fence about the handbag. It's small, and the fact that all I can fit cram in it are my phone, keys, and some cash makes me think I'll probably end up returning it this weekend. The (not pictured) scarf  was an impulse purchase. I never buy anything from mall stands; this scarf was a first. I guess there's a good reason for that - after a few wears it's already started to tatter. 

As for the pants, the shoes, the sweaters, and the scarf? I highly anticipate getting even more wear from them once spring rolls around. 

For the first time in a long time, I don't have anything to report in the "bought but returned" category. I've been really busy with school, so my online shopping was limited to one Target haul

I also don't have any pressing needs, although I'm checking LOFT's website on a daily basis to see if any of the Lou & Grey pieces I have my eye on have gone on sale. I also finally found a pair of black booties that seem to be what I'm looking for, but it also seems too late in the season to buy a pair, especially when they're not at a clearanced price. Hopefully this contentment will last me through March, though I'm guessing it will only last through spring break. Here's to hoping that I've worked hard enough to deserve a treat or two by then!

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