Tuesday, May 19, 2015

three cheers

I passed my comprehensive exams!

I'll be taking time to relax and catch up on all the things I've been putting off. 
(Read: I'm taking a break from blogging for a while). 

Thanks for all your support, and I'll catch you later :o)

Friday, May 15, 2015

playing favorites

Last Wednesday I debuted my new favorite top (LOFT's striped rib trim tank). I can't get over how much I love this tank. (I only wish it photographed better than it actually does.) After that post, I started thinking about focusing more on my favorites, even at the expense of the rest of my closet. 

An outfit that started as just a top quickly became a top and bottoms when I thought of my newest pants. It was too cool to wear just the tank and pants -- I needed another layer. I had already worn these pants with black before, and wanted to try something new. My old navy cardigan quickly came to mind. Now normally I'm not one to pair black and navy, but I figured I could get away with it this time. (The stripes on the tank are black.) 

Let's not talk about the footwear though. I must have tried on ten different pairs before settling on this one. I think it's finally time that I get a pair of cognac flats. What do you think? What shoes would you suggest for this outfit?

Tank: LOFT | exact
Cardigan: Old Navy | option
Pants: Old Navy | exact
Sandals: via Payless

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

berry crush

Last week, I played hooky and went to the Outlet Mall. I nearly walked away empty handed and would have had I been able to show some self control. But I just can't resist $6 scarves. While I was tempted by saddle and seaport blue I chose berry crush because I no longer had a dark floral scarf (after giving one back to the friend who had given me that scarf in the first place). Replacements are totally justified purchases, right?

Even if they're not, multi-colored scarves are always justified purchases. You can obviously pair them with whatever colors are in the scarf itself, or experiment with contrasting and coordinating colors. I honestly couldn't decide what color top to pair this scarf with first. I had it narrowed down between black, white, coral, fuchsia, and mint. Fuchsia won the battle, but it's the scarf berry crush that wins the war.

Scarf: J. Crew Factory | exact
Cardigan: The Limited | similar
Dress: Old Navy | similar
Flats: via Target | exact

[linking up with Laura and Lindsey]

Monday, May 11, 2015

chasing bears

Sometimes I put together an outfit I've never worn before, and then spend the entire day thinking "how did I not think of this combination sooner?!" Enter bear dress and denim jacket. 

Sometimes I like an outfit enough that I'll keep it on the back burner so I can wear it again on the weekend and/or when I know my outfit won't get blogged. This is definitely one that will get worn again, but you won't know when or how many times that will happen. 

Sometimes I get fixated on wanting a particular item. In this case, I really want a pair of floral flats. I ordered this pair from Target, but they were too tight on the heel. Now I'm waffling between this pair and this pair (in yellow). Thoughts?

Anthropologie bear dress | save, spendsplurge
Groopdealz mint necklace | similar
Target denim jacket | similar
Steve Madden flats | option

Friday, May 8, 2015

this is how I spring

Spring weather has been here for a while, but you might not be able to tell just by looking at my recent outfits. I somehow forgot to start wearing floral prints and bright colors until last week (I'm behind with my blogging - blame it on final exams). On a particularly sunny day, I picked my brightest and boldest and springiest dress and cardigan. The cardigan I had originally picked was red-orange, but I didn't like the look, so I swapped it out for a more subdued one.

If you're on the hunt for a bold floral dress, I'd direct you to this one or this one if you're on a budget and/or into pattern mixing. How do you spring?

Dress: Gap
Cardigan: The Limited
Necklace: via Target
Heels: via Payless
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